POST 1: Why use a technical writer to document your processes?

Technical Writing is an important part of documenting your company procedures, work instructions and training manuals.

When senior personnel leave a company, the information that leaves with them is a serious loss to the business.  Some shift work is done differently on each shift due to poor training or instructions that have been passed down from changing staff members – often with errors and dangerous short cuts.

Best Practice work instructions and procedures combined with effective training will ensure that your workforce is following safe work practices and maintaining quality of product and services by doing the job safely and correctly.  The standards set by the company and regulatory authorities will be part of that documentation system.

When people go to work each day, they expect to go home without injury. Companies expect their efficient and safe work environments to produce quality outcomes with a documented audit trail for monitoring the process mechanisms.

Technical Writers should be professionally trained and have the experience to help management to maintain their client’s QA and EOH&S Systems, providing solutions to meet their documentation requirements.

Technical Writers communicate in a concise and effective manner, using diagrams, photos and illustrations to support the text.  Multi-Media can be used to provide on-line and easily accessible training courses available 24/7.

A Technical Writer uses research methods, interview techniques and reference document analyses (PFDs and P&IDs) to support site visits and existing documentation to develop new “best practice” documentation to suit the target audience.  In fact some manuals are written only from design documents even before the equipment, plant or business system has been physically built.

My Technical Writing fees can be based on casual, part-time, full-time, contract (hourly, daily, weekly) and fixed-fee arrangements to suit your budget and deadlines.

Please let me know if you have any questions about your own documentation projects – no job is too big or too small.  Phone:  0417 181 077  Tasmania.


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