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SPY within a RUBY           ISBN 978-0-9804604-9-0     **  NEW MARCH 2018  **

front and back cover RUBY

Eric the ‘nerd’ and Ruby the ‘world hater’ from the village of Dogbol in England have just finished school and get recruited by agent Roger Davis to send him information on two hotel guests (who happen to be Russian and Chinese spies negotiating to buy classified defence secrets from the Cigar Club (elite, titled rogues with Whitehall connections). Things rapidly get out of hand as the story line follows an abduction, killings, multiple agency operations and a group of disbanded foreign legionnaires. A boat gets blown to bits in Liverpool and other boats fight it out off the coast to recover diamonds. Eric and Ruby fend off many challenges trying to survive with the help of some foreign agents. Justice comes at a high price for all involved and people’s lives are changed during their ordeals.


Follow the transformation of Eric and Ruby as move from child’s play to . . . SPY!

Available as Kindle and Amazon Print