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double-coverThis is a stand-alone book published in July 2019.

It is the THIRD book in the “RUBY series” (but not the last) and continues on with the adventures of Ruby Peters, the schoolgirl spy recruited at 16 years old. She is now 20 and running for her life all alone, after three years of horrific events, including the psychotic murder of her boyfriend Eric.Ruby has covertly secured the personal secret papers of deceased MI6 agent Roger Davis who died protecting her.

Davis also hid some more information in Australia, that was so sensitive, he could tell no one.  MI6, the CIA and a third party of terrorists run by Sergei Mudarov, know about the information but not its location.

Ruby is in a dangerous position, as many believe that she is better off dead, rather than reveal the contents of the ‘Davis Papers’.  However, anyone finding and using the information would be capable of wielding its power to blackmail the world’s superpowers by threatening to detonate nuclear ‘dirty bombs’ in major cities.

This story takes you on an adventurous cat and mouse game to find Ruby – as she tries to find her way through her problems and re-assess her relationship with the British Secret Service. They send their top agent, Tian ‘The Taipan’ after her, amid rogue agents in the CIA, while Mudarov plans to rule the world using his cruel hit-woman, Matylda.

“RUBY IV- The Alliance” is well on the way, with an estimated completion of MAY 2020.