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Climate Change Poems

Climate Change Poems - cover

This e-book contains 24 climate change poems and an introduction discussing climate change and survival in a rapidly changing world.

It is available immediately in Kindle and Google Play for a token dollar (minimum mandatory fee).  A reading of the book in MP3 format is near completion.

Any of the poems may be used for any project, providing there is an acknowledgement for the author.          Stefan February 2020.


double-coverThis is a stand-alone book published in July 2019.

It is the THIRD book in the “RUBY series” (but not the last) and continues on with the adventures of Ruby Peters, the schoolgirl spy recruited at 16 years old. She is now 20 and running for her life all alone, after three years of horrific events, including the psychotic murder of her boyfriend Eric.Ruby has covertly secured the personal secret papers of deceased MI6 agent Roger Davis who died protecting her.

Davis also hid some more information in Australia, that was so sensitive, he could tell no one.  MI6, the CIA and a third party of terrorists run by Sergei Mudarov, know about the information but not its location.

Ruby is in a dangerous position, as many believe that she is better off dead, rather than reveal the contents of the ‘Davis Papers’.  However, anyone finding and using the information would be capable of wielding its power to blackmail the world’s superpowers by threatening to detonate nuclear ‘dirty bombs’ in major cities.

This story takes you on an adventurous cat and mouse game to find Ruby – as she tries to find her way through her problems and re-assess her relationship with the British Secret Service. They send their top agent, Tian ‘The Taipan’ after her, amid rogue agents in the CIA, while Mudarov plans to rule the world using his cruel hit-woman, Matylda.

“RUBY IV- The Alliance” is well on the way, with an estimated completion of MAY 2020.

March 2019 New Books (2)

Both books are available on KINDLE and as printed books from AMAZON in 20 countries.

“DIAMOND for a RUBY” – out now!


This is a stand-alone spy-thriller book for the adolescent fiction market that follows on from “SPY within a RUBY”. Ruby Peters is in great danger, fighting off double-agents entrenched in MI6 who recruit mercenaries and a psychotic madman to kill her.

Roger Davis speaks from the grave, as his coded messages lead Ruby and Eric to the list that everyone is determined to obtain – at any cost.

An absolutely idea packed story with fast-paced action at every step of the novel. Many of Ruby’s friends are injured and killed as a result of her involvement with Davis and as she is betrayed by her own people.

Ruby graduates after completing the CCP final project that will have you thinking about your own life and its values.

See ALL my books on Amazon:

NEW BOOK – Short Comedy Routines for Novices

SHORT COMEDY ROUTINES for NOVICES                    ISBN 978-0-6482953-2-7  

**  NEW APRIL 2018  **

front and back book cover

I have decided to put my original comedy routines on Amazon Kindle in the hope that stand-up comedians and theatrical groups can make them work. They were all written in 2017 after I met a funny author who constantly made any comment in a funny voice.

Of course a lot of these routines are heavily dependent on the visuals and how the lines are delivered.  These comedy routines are designed for the novice to present at interviews, gigs and hopefully some TV or stage work – leading to more professional work.



SPY within a RUBY           ISBN 978-0-9804604-9-0     **  NEW MARCH 2018  **

front and back cover RUBY

Eric the ‘nerd’ and Ruby the ‘world hater’ from the village of Dogbol in England have just finished school and get recruited by agent Roger Davis to send him information on two hotel guests (who happen to be Russian and Chinese spies negotiating to buy classified defence secrets from the Cigar Club (elite, titled rogues with Whitehall connections). Things rapidly get out of hand as the story line follows an abduction, killings, multiple agency operations and a group of disbanded foreign legionnaires. A boat gets blown to bits in Liverpool and other boats fight it out off the coast to recover diamonds. Eric and Ruby fend off many challenges trying to survive with the help of some foreign agents. Justice comes at a high price for all involved and people’s lives are changed during their ordeals.


Follow the transformation of Eric and Ruby as move from child’s play to . . . SPY!

Available as Kindle and Amazon Print

Two New Books Published 2017

CIRCLE in a Spiral - cover

“CIRCLE in a Spiral” is my latest novel which will be available for Christmas 2017.

The story line is basically along the lines that the human race has destroyed the fabric of our world and now will most likely create some ripples or chain reaction which will affect the universe.

Scientists and the military are creating super-humanoids with self-aware AI and appended genetic code to make them invincible. Other scientists are destroying the building blocks of life using high energy beams to identify the mechanisms which hold together the dark matter that permeates the universe.

Life and Death algorithms and universe sentinels are all focused on managing or terminating the human race in order to control the development of human machines and technology.

Sarah Robinson has been designed to fix the problem by finding the ‘Krel Key’ – a complex sequence of embedded algorithms which prevents the humanoids from truly being self-aware and their machines from being absolute destructive forces. Yes, a female lead character.

The ideas for the book came from two separate dreams. The end result is a melding of two previous short story ideas into a third vehicle with its own story line. There is a sprinkling of humour to counteract the more serious aspects of how humans have ruined the environment.

The book is primarily aimed at Adolescent Fiction but is suitable for anyone interested in science fiction or who cares about climate change / AI dominance.


jemm front cover-2

“JEMMA – short stories” is my latest book of short stories which is available now.

Jemma – Short Stories book follows on from the first Jemma story titled “Jemma’s Blues” which was written during my MA course in writing at Swinburne University.

The Palette Family have comedic experiences where each story deals with developing the characters within successive plots, in line with audience expectations, based on previous episodes.

All the family members are introduced in the first story with Jemma being the central character. TV scripts have already been written.

Oh, and there is the theme music that has already been composed.  Just saying . . .