Please contact     STEFAN  on   0417 181 077                                                              or email:                                                              Writing, Music Composition, Editing or Proofreading.


Other Services Offered:

  • Academic Writing and Research
  • Creative Writing (all genres)
  • Multi-Media (online, information kiosks, web pages)
  • Public Relations and Speech Writing
  • Historical Writing and Research
  • Illustrations for technical, business and creative publications
  • Publishing your book:  I will professionally publish your book after ghost writing the content for you and hand over any quantity of books for your own sales and for family
  • I will write up your resume or proofread your academic, technical or business documents/theses etc. to meet your deadlines and budget
  • Management Information Systems (Database/Spread-Sheet) with completed Databases for HSEQ, HR, Foundry Production, Recruitment, Radio Station Programming, Small Business Accounts
  • Business, Scientific and Technical Computer Programs (code) for those difficult computational problems
  • Music Composition (classical, jazz, ballad, orchestral) and Recording on 17 track synthesiser/workstation for Multi-Media and Advertising
  • SYMBOLIC ART NOTATION – a visual language system that can be learnt in 2 hours (my invention) – no sounds or words but includes all the elements of modern grammar and can be understood by all nationalities at the same time – a great system for learning language
  • Electronic Design and Products

JEMMA – Short Stories                    ISBN 978-0-9804604-4-5

jemm front cover-2

Jemma Short Stories follows on from the first Jemma story titled “Jemma’s Blues” which was written during my MA course at Swinburne University.

Some of my music from “Pictures of Life” CD from 2014:

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