Please contact     STEFAN  on   0417 181 077                                                              or email:                                                              Writing, Music Composition, Editing or Proofreading.


Other Services Offered:

  • Academic Writing and Research
  • Creative Writing (all genres)
  • Multi-Media (online, information kiosks, web pages)
  • Public Relations and Speech Writing
  • Historical Writing and Research
  • Illustrations for technical, business and creative publications
  • Publishing your book:  I will professionally publish your book after ghost writing the content for you and hand over any quantity of books for your own sales and for family
  • I will write up your resume or proofread your academic, technical or business documents/theses etc. to meet your deadlines and budget
  • Management Information Systems (Database/Spread-Sheet) with completed Databases for HSEQ, HR, Foundry Production, Recruitment, Radio Station Programming, Small Business Accounts
  • Business, Scientific and Technical Computer Programs (code) for those difficult computational problems
  • Music Composition (classical, jazz, ballad, orchestral) and Recording on my CASIO MZ2000 17 track and new KORG KRONOS 2 synthesiser/workstations for Multi-Media and Advertising
  • SYMBOLIC ART NOTATION – a visual language system that can be understood in 2 hours (my invention) – no sounds or words but includes all the elements of modern grammar and can be understood by all nationalities at the same time – a great system for learning language
  • Electronic Design and Products

JEMMA – Short Stories                    ISBN 978-0-9804604-4-5

jemm front cover-2

Jemma Short Stories contains four short stories about Jemma and the Palette Family.


CIRCLE in a Spiral                    ISBN 978-0-9804604-5-2

CIRCLE in a Spiral - cover

CIRCLE in a Spiral is my latest novel. Sarah Robinson is created to fight the ‘Tri-axial Forces of the Universe’ to save the human race from extermination by Life/Death Algorithms and a corrupt Universe Sentinel.                 NEW at November 2017.


Some of my music from “Pictures of Life” CD from 2014:

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