If you’re heading back to Hobart on an autumn day,

You will see the mountain rising over Sandy Bay.

When you feel that light wind blowing up from old Iron Pot,

Then, you know you’re surely blessed with what you’ve got.

Come and roam our island home

You will always have a place to call your own.

Hear the wind call you home

It’s time.  Return with sails aloft, full blown.

Have you heard the cat play fiddle in the city mall

Or have you shopped in Salamanca at a market stall

Or explored the Channel sailing out from Oyster Cove?

Oh, there is always somewhere close to rest or rove.

Come and roam, fresh air and crashing foam,

See the rolling hills and rivers flow.

Hear the wind call you home.

It is time. Return with sails aloft, full blown.

Note: Song lyrics and music by Stefan Nicholson