Lest we forget . . .

Strayley Anne

Hayley was a wild child – bright, yet inwardly dark,

Smiling, kind and thoughtful – honesty was her mark.

Much older beyond her years she seemed

While others chose greed she observed and dreamed

About what folks wished they were, not are,

No time to cast their thoughts afar.

She saw folks willing to share all and give.

Others poor, sick and troubled – just dying to live.

Some giving in too easily with a careless wistful sigh,

Yet soldiers fight for them to live –we honour where they die.

So young Hayley tried with all her might,

To protect our world from lack of foresight.

For they lay where they fell on foreign ground in Fromelles,

And none shall forget this,” so this Australian would tell

As she forged her ground from those who fought there,

Feeling through her compassion as their souls were laid bare.

Changed her name to sound patriotically strong and proud,

To Strayley-Anne. Reborn to rise up above the crowd.

Lest we forget,” she would sigh for those she had never met,

As if listening to their orders to stand fast and to protect.

Then wondered if they would smile or frown from the darkness where they lay,

Or cry out loudly with angry words, to make us “Go away!”.

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