Snippets from Books

Here is the first chapter: of my latest novel “Unexpected Unintended”:

This story is a complex interweaving of personal tragedies all stemming from the spreading of lies and deception in a  small town. There is a wayward psychiatrist who has a baby with her patient’s husband as the starting point for a cascading effect over two families and a cruel criminal who knows how to control others.

They all meet their match in Detective Inspector Sutton who carries out an intricate strategy to fight for justice, whilst fighting his own demons – the loss of his daughter. Everyone thinks they know the truth about certain events but time and again, they learn that lies, rumours and gossip have affected their thinking and their subsequent actions.

There are no winners except the truth, which is revealed by pitting one against the other. A young psychologist and her delusional client steer the story through to its conclusion by focusing on a painting, a book and self-awakening.

This was a difficult first adult novel to write because of the necessary complexity in the first chapter to explain the premise of the plot.

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Snippets from my books:

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